The Optics Chapter Delft organized a lab tour of TU Delft’s ImPhys department, showcasing the latest developments in microscopy technology. Four labs were featured in the tour, each offering insights into their research.

In Arent Kievits’s lab, visitors saw a demonstration of the 64 parallel e-beam microscope that rapidly images large sample areas with high resolution. Ryan Lane’s lab showcased the integration of a visible microscope with an e-beam microscope, allowing researchers to study the same sample with both techniques simultaneously, providing a more complete understanding of the sample.

In the lab of Bruno Lopez Rodrigues and Hui Wang, visitors were introduced to superconducting nanowire single photon detectors, which detect single photons with high efficiency and are a valuable tool for quantum optics and quantum computing. Finally, Qingru Li’s lab demonstrated the 4Pi single molecule localisation microscopy, which precisely locates single molecules with nanometer regime precision and has broad applications in biological system studies.

The lab tour was a great success, providing attendees with a glimpse into the research happening at TU Delft’s ImPhys department. The event concluded with drinks.

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