We are a group of students in optics and photonics in and around Delft, aiming for a social network with students interested in the same topic. Social, creative and informal and sometimes educative!

We receive funding from SPIE which makes us an official SPIE chapter.

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The logo is inspired by the diffraction pattern of a single slit, where a plane wave propagates from the left to the right and hits a single slit. Circular waves propagate from the slit downstream, forming the letter D representing the chapter from Delft.

In the past

Until 2018, the SPIE chapter of Delft was active, with mainly members from the Optics Research Group. The chapter organized yearly visits to companies as well as social activities.

Since 2022 the chapter has been revived again and we now aim to reach a larger group of students in and around Delft. The first activity we organized since the revival was a 2.5-days School of Physics, which featured international speakers.

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